Being Useful

Many people wander through life concerned about such things as their purpose and can be quite undone by the uncertainty that this causes. People have spent countless hours and dollars trying to figure out why are they here and what are they supposed to be doing, and I admit that this can be a struggle. Still, there are other people who couldn’t care less and who are perfectly happy just to drift through life as it were, with no purpose, and no real interest in seeking greater purpose. To both of these types Jesus speaks as his sermon on the mount continues as he deals with Salt and Light.

Jesus calls his would-be followers the salt of the earth. Now what does he mean by that? To modern ears that phrase means someone who is humble, meek, and down to earth, certainly not a snob. While I think this is an appropriate meaning, I believe that Jesus referred to more than humility. Salt was, and is, a very important mineral, used for cleaning, preserving, and flavor. As followers of Christ, we are to be about all of this work. We are to help the world around us be cleaner, or purer rather. We are to stand up and speak out against the baser elements of life and not tolerate immorality to reign. As for what is the standard of moral vs. immoral, look to the Bible. Also we preserve to try to reduce the decay and rot of sin by instilling Christ and His teachings in the world. Lastly, we add flavor, not by doing away with fun, life, and joy, but by showing the world that they can have all this in Christ far better than without Him. The Christian life is one of love and joy. We have hope assured and an inheritance beyond belief, so no need for gloom, but smiles of delight. This is the flavor we offer to a bland world. Still, Jesus continues that if we, as salt, are not going to serve our purpose, then we might as well be thrown out. If we become impure and degraded to where we aren’t doing any of these things we stop being good for anything and will be cast aside. Not terribly comforting but it serves as a reminder that we aren’t just to be, but to be about our Master’s work.

He then transitions from salt to light. While this is a tremendous compliment, since Jesus calls himself the light and life of men, it is also a tremendous responsibility. We, who are possessors of the true light, or more realistically the reflectors there of (think the moon vs. the sun), are to be beacons by which humanity can see God more fully. We are to shine brightly wherever we are, in whatever situation we find ourselves. Our faith must never be something we consider with shame or dismissal, but always something we are willing to show and share with the world. Again, we have a purpose and that is to drive out darkness. If we hide that light or do things to purposefully diminish it, then we are not serving our purpose and become useless instead of useful.

So are you being useful? Are you being that salt, helping this world to be cleaner, purer, and more joy-filled, or are you dragging it down and becoming the opposite of what you have been called to be? Are you reflecting the light of God and shining before men, or hiding it so they won’t see or worse still, willfully preventing that light from shining in an increasingly dark world? This is a balanced position to be in and it takes work and effort. None of us are perfect, nor gets it right all the time every time, and sometimes we miss the opportunities God has given us to demonstrate our usefulness. So we return to Him to mine for the treasures He has to give, and to be filled again with the radiance of the true light so we might shine brighter and brighter. As long as we are here and have breath, we can and ought to be useful for the kingdom. This is our purpose and role in life, so that all we do may point others to the Father, that they know the joy and fullness of a life filled with His light.

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